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Free Shipping on all Helmet Orders!
Free Shipping on all Helmet Orders!

Break Rules


Types of Product: Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey

Cost of Product: We aim to provide breaks at all cost level

Cards: We Ship All Cards assigned to you for the break

Packaging: We will sleeve and top load the following: ALL Rookies, Inserts, Parallels, and Numbered Cards ***** We will one touch based on value at our discretion. We will wrap and package all cards securely and ship inside a bubble mailer.

Shipping: The price of the break includes shipping. You will receive tracking within 24 hours of break

We do a few different break types:

PYT Breaks: You get to select what team to buy  for that break based on availability, and any cards from the team/teams will be shipped to you.

RT Breaks: This type of break is where you may buy a spot in a specific break and your spot will be randomized to see which team you will be assigned. These times of random breaks include: Random Teams, Random Divisions, PYT and 1 Random, etc. Once a random break is full, we will live stream on to see what teams everyone got and break shortly after.

Multi-Player Cards: We offer a couple of choices for this scenario. We can random off the card to 1 person. We can razz the card and split the profits. Lastly, the two parties can decide for themselves based on the card. Must be in the live stream to choose. If both parties are not present, it will automatically defer to random.

Players on Different Teams: We will always follow what the card says. Example: Player A was traded to Team 1 but his card still shows Team 2. The card will be sent to the owner of Team 2.



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