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Free Shipping on all Helmet Orders!
Free Shipping on all Helmet Orders!

About Us

Break4Sports & Collectibles is a group of 3 Sports Enthusiasts who are looking to share our love of sports cards and memorabilia with the community. Our mission is to share cards and memorabilia through creative raffles, giveaways and breaks. We want to bring products that all levels of the hobby can enjoy. 

Here is a little bit about each of us:


A Husband, Father, Spots Enthusiast, Card Collector/Breaker and Business Owner who started collecting as a Chicago fan in the 80’s.  I love my Cubs, Bears, Bulls, Blackhawks and the Ohio State Buckeyes!  Personal collector of all things above along with Ryne Sandberg, Nolan Ryan and Walter Payton. 


As a child, I loved playing baseball and other sports.  One fond memory I cherish is playing Little League Baseball back in the 70’s.  After the games, the coaches gave us each a quarter to get something from the concession stands.  I always got a pack of baseball cards for 15 cents with my drink.  I have been an avid collector off and on since then.   Like many young card collectors, I would sort out all of the cards by team and rubber band them or just throw them in a shoe box. Over the past several years I have enjoyed going through them. To my surprise, after many moves from place to place to live, they are for the most part in decent condition.  Over the past 15 to years, I also started collecting signed memorabilia of Hall of Famers or players that I grew up liking to watch play in a variety of sports.  When approached to start Break4sports I jumped all over it.  I look forward to the engaging with others to hear their stories of collecting.


I started collecting when I was a teen and unfortunately I stopped. I held onto my cards especially my love for Michael Jordan and Dan Marino. Fast forward to about June of 2020, I started collecting again. My son was very excited to start his collection although he only likes when they are shiny, numbered, and he can repeat their names over and over. I PC: Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Duke Basketball, and Notre Dame football






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