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Free Shipping on all Helmet Orders!
Free Shipping on all Helmet Orders!

Break Information

What – Remember when you went to the store and bought a pack or box of cards and you ripped them open to see what you got? Well, you “broke” that pack or box open. That is where the terminology comes from and the concept for breaking. A break is an event where a breaker opens a pack or box of cards live online and shows the customers what they have received.

Why – Breaking has become increasingly more popular due to the scarcity and cost of cards. In addition, people collect for varied reasons (for their team of choice or for investment purposes) and this allows the customer to collect their way.

How – In most cases, a breaking company will buy a box/pack of cards and sell slots through their websites or social media channels. Slots can be sold by team, by division or player. The slots can also vary from selecting your choice of team/division/player, being randomly assigned one or a combination of both pick your choice and random. Once a break has sold out, the breaker will host a live video so the owners of the slots can see what they have received. At the end of the break, the cards will be shipped to the appropriate customer.


Our General Break Policy

For each break, please read the full description of the break before buying!

When you buy into a break, you will only receive cards from the team(s) that you picked or that are randomly assigned to you. There is no guarantee you will get any cards!

All cards pulled for your team(s) will be shipped with free shipping!

If you do not get any cards, Break4Sports has a "Tough Break" Policy.

  • For first time breakers with us: we will send you a mail day from our personal collection.
  • Every time after: We will send you a discount to be used on our site.

Once you bought into a break, join the live stream on our YouTube Channel (link below) on the date and time listed in the break description and join the fun!  If you can't join the fun, you can catch the reply on our YouTube Channel as well.  

YouTube Channel: Break4Sports

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